March 13, 2018

Who Gets Addicted to Law of Attraction? 13 Characteristics of Devoted Followers (excerpt)

I no longer follow Law of Attraction teachings (LOA), but I was a proponent for over 5 years. 

In the years after leaving, I began to notice that the unintended consequences of those beliefs were more widespread than I first recognized, affecting many areas of my life. 

But there was something else to analyze, and it took me longer to notice. 

For some people, Law of Attraction beliefs are extra-sticky.

Putting aside all debate about if Law of Attraction is legitimate or fictitious, helpful or harmful, I saw that there were factors about me that led me to Law of Attraction in particular. 

After all, it's not the only belief system that crossed my path. It’s one of thousands in the world. So why did I reach out and embrace this one?

What factors make Law of Attraction teachings more likely to stick?

There are factors that motivate and sustain every choice. So what attributes might Law of Attraction followers share? Who was I when I gravitated to LOA? 

That line of inquiry has the potential to be even more revealing than solely inspecting the merit of the beliefs themselves.

Even positive traits can be a liability

As you will see, there are many positive and praiseworthy characteristics on this list, even ingredients for success. But those same characteristics can be exploited.

As you read, notice how easy it is for anyone--including intelligent and independent thinkers--to become convinced of something that capitalizes on their inclinations.

There are also several very relatable, very human problems on this list, problems that could prime a person to seek refuge in an ideology and its promises...

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