August 23, 2015

Wasting a Whole Lot of Time with Abraham-Hicks (excerpt)

How I (mis)spent my time as an Aber

When I was an Aber, I spent my time in foolish ways. I was taught to primarily concern myself with feeling good, taking it easy, soothing negative emotion, and tending to my "vibration."

I filled endless notebooks with Abraham-Hicks quotes, “virtual reality” fantasies, gratitude lists, and other feel-good, Abraham-approved exercises.

I didn't do much in the way of fruitful action, because my energy had to be "lined up." I had to be inspired. This was the Art of Allowing.

Remember, according to Abraham-Hicks (A-H), how you feel is of utmost importance: "Your purpose is to feel good and watch what happens, feel good and watch what happens..."

Who wouldn't prefer the route of "vibrational alignment" where all things you want are drawn to you versus "resistance" and "pinching yourself off from Source?"

So I made Feeling Good my job.

  • I shifted my emotional states by working my way up the emotional scale
  • I napped or meditated or distracted myself when I wasn't feeling good
  • I basked in feelings of appreciation, inspiration, joy, power
  • I dreamed up new goals and let my virtual reality become the most important reality
  • I uncovered and transformed old limiting beliefs
  • I lived for insights and emotional breakthroughs

I believed this would change my vibration and my point of attraction. And therefore my outer reality would also change to match my vibration...

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