May 30, 2018

Book: The Lie of Attraction

Disillusionment from Law of Attraction takes a lot of mental, emotional, and spiritual sorting. I occasionally receive comments or emails from ex-followers who are de-stabilized after waking up.

Another popular question I receive is how to help friends or family members wake up from their obsession.

A book came out in 2017 that can serve as a resource for these groups, and for anyone adhering to similar New Age beliefs.

The book is a sensible and soulful guide called Lie of Attraction: Detox from the Damage of Spiritual Deception by Izabella Siodmak.

A guide for detoxing from spiritual deception

The Lie of Attraction is organized into 7 lies perpetuated by Law of Attraction teachings.

Siodmak defines the harmful inner and outer world consequences that will show up in the lives of those committed to Law of Attraction beliefs. Followers, ex-followers, and anyone in a spiritual bypassing trap will find themselves nodding in recognition.

Siodmak also supplies solutions and re-frames that will help the reader reclaim reality and a life of full authentic expression.

Readers will be encouraged to take the veil off their eyes, reconnect with suppressed truths, and face blind spots with wisdom and humility.

In the author's own words:

"There are definitely certain types of people whom are drawn to the Law of Attraction and similar New Age practices. I know, because I was one of them ... until the day I asked to be shown the truth and the fallacies within this practice began to shockingly present themselves to me, one by one...

The new book, The Lie of Attraction (Detox from the Damage of Spiritual Deception), is the story of how I reached a more grounded, harmonious and soul-connected state by doing the real work rather than spiritual bypassing. When you're ready, you're shown.

Whether you've given away your personal power by taking on a spiritual teacher's "wisdom", you're STILL stuck in the belief that you've got control over your manifestations or you're blinded by thinking it's only about bliss, love and light ... this book is going to shake your world right up into a radically new, more balanced, less resistant and real one."

Izabella facilitates private one-on-one residential retreats and sessions where you have the safe space and are guided to own all parts of yourself. This telling the truth, feeling the truth and living your truth is the true liberation, the way to experiencing much aliveness and embodying your soul’s purpose. If you’d like support to detox from the spiritual deceptions and bypasses that have kept you from fully claiming and enjoying you as you are please reach out at:

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